A BIG BOOK; A SIMPLE STORY.- The  Story of Human Culture.(seen differently.) Reminding you of what you already know. (Echo of Socrates anyone?)

Let’s start with: ‘Creation has been through the encoding of consciousness from the beginning.’

Human Culture has been the incremental recovery of memory (encoded in DNA)- the memory of the evolutionary journey; through the inspirations of genius. All languages reflect this, the languages of Science, Art and Music. So too does the development of the individual from egg to adult recapitulate its sequences and its timings.

THE  Evidence for Encoding and Recovery is the subject of INVOLUTION-An Odyssey…

Some unforeseen consequences….other opinions!

Remembering Who You Are
(For the avoidance of doubt, and accusations of afflatus, this part was NOT written by the Author. When you write a book about ‘everything’ it’s best to leave the explanation to someone else!)

‘In the traditions of Homer, Dante, and Milton, Philippa Rees has created what has been called a modern-day ‘masterpiece’; a work that covers the entire spectrum of consciousness and experience. It is a work that ultimately reconciles God and science. To communicate her message, she uses what I would call a form of ‘symphonic prose’ a language to bypass the brain’s rational divisions, to speak directly to the heart and to create an experience – one beyond a mere reading experience. More like hearing music.’

Join me by the fire
Join me by the fire


The Theory of Involution was first conceived in 1970 ( eighteen years before Sheldrake’s The Presence of the past, Seven years before Ken Wilber’s The Spectrum of Consciousness, 34 years before Laszlo wrote Science and the Akashic Field, 29 years before Ekhart Tolle published The Power of Now) It anticipated parts of all of these scientific or practical philosophies. It was supported by Arthur Koestler (The Act of Creation) whose conception of ‘holons’ (something simultaneously a whole and a part of something larger) is built into the concept of encoding memory, which connects each organism to the total memory (or Akashic field), but which affords each organism an independent integrity and the means of participation in the One, the Whole.

It is a new kind of science: mystical science of directly experienced truth: the science of encoded memory, recovered by genius, the prophets that rode ahead.


Involution is an entirely unique work,  to express the ‘symphony of consciousness’ which is Creation. Each instrument (organism) has its timbre and range, and all interweave and develop the melodic themes, but the whole symphony cannot be described. It must be read and ‘heard’ (as music is), emotionally.

Once cannot understand a symphony by reading the sheet music. One cannot understand the taste of cake by reading a recipe. Direct experience conveys direct knowledge that lies beyond mere words. This is science addressed to the right brain and the heart.

Since experience can never be conveyed in words and mystical experience particularly so, Involution can be more clearly defined perhaps by what it is NOT.(Things in common-no claim of equality!)


Einstein – without two sides to the equation, or bound by the speed of light (The ‘lazy dog’ had suddenly woken/ To scratch at the itch of a narrow word…)

Dante – without conventions of language or religious metaphor.(Dante slipped out in velvet shoes to seek converse with the damned…)

Rumi’ – but a little more specific about how and why, seeking within is to unite. (Rumi’s whirling stillness, all mystic narratives…)

Laszlo – The Akashic Field, entangled universally, without merely the intelligent mind; instead the erudite heart, the microcosm, the I am.

Wilber – without the left brain machismo, no AQAL, categories, levels, states or distinctions

Sheldrake’s Morphic Field  – memory but without the respect for narrow statistics

Milton – without Paradise Lost or Regained, simply clarifying ‘Paradise Obscured’ (Poets are blind, even when they see/The lunar surface is now pock-marked…)

Aurobindo’s Adventure of Consciousness –  in sober Western dress: without a Mother or the obscurity of his ephemeral Savitri..

Elizabeth Barrett Browning  maybe because the author is allegedly genetically related, although the evidence remains elusive. Barrett the name is certain, and affiliation of poetic narrative is established.

Prescient perhaps but how is it different? What does it offer the aforementioned don’t?

Where the recent spiritual scientists illuminate what now? What next? What’s missing?
Involution stitches together HOW we got on the mistaken road of materialism, and why these other authors are appearing like flying insects ( that’s not meant pejoratively) out of the ground. And why NOW.  Involution makes them inevitable: explains the ground from which they are escaping.  Evolution has no explanation for genius, past or present. Involution gives genius pride of place and critical importance. Gets us from the beginning to the inevitability of an Ervin Laszlo.

Involution Clarified – An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God
         (Runner-up Book of the Year (2013) (Scientific and Medical Network)

Experience Translated. Consciousness and Memory.

An uninvited experience which Philippa clarifies in an interview, ( but which could not be  reconciled with any scientific explanation) launched a lifelong examination of the history of scientific understanding; and then a search for the language to sing a better song. What some may see as metaphysical poetry is better described as symphonic prose; each Canto interweaves the creation of more and more complex elements, using the simple themes first introduced. Science and spirituality are plaited together throughout, becoming all encompassing and broader, without the loss of the individual, or the unique. Each is I am, one with I AM.

Involution charts the history of scientific thought. In nine Cantos, the work retakes the story of evolution from pre-human increasing complexity to early man’s emergence on the Serengeti. From the recorded civilisations of Greece and Rome, on through the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and finally to the world of modern science; we reach the dissolving world of insufficient matter. Involution has taken us back to the origins of conceptual thought, mirrored in its absorption with creation’s beginning and ultimate particles.

There is a reason for re-examining how science managed to separate mind from matter and man from God. By steady new examination of the deepening fissure between intellect and consciousness, this odyssey re-unites what science has sundered, the interior man and his union with creation, the co-creation of the divine. This is a journey of the mystical science behind science.

Book Blurb.(How the tale is told) (…and why I had to write it...) The graphic below is derived from diagrams to offer a Quick Image showing the informing of matter, and the scientific recovery of memory, the artificial separation between mind and matter, the past and future.

Memory: Coming Full Circle – Mavericks and Inspiration.

Since the recovery of memory is as capricious as are dreams (never there when you want them) so the creative geniuses of science had to wait for Eureka’s muse: capriciousness underpins the light-hearted new examination of the scientifically serious. ( That is augmented in linked endnotes- this remains serious science)

Two companions, Reason and Soul, embark upon a light-hearted journey through creation’s evolution, and its legacy: memory. Memory’s recovery is traced through the intuitions of scientific genius: from pre-Socratic Greece, through the epochs of Western thought to the dissolution of Modernism, where mind and matter re-approach their recovered and essential unity.

Adding involution to evolution is adding yeast to flour; it bakes a lighter loaf. Saints and scientists break the same bread.

What is revealed is the science beyond, one that honours its prophets and restores man to his origins, his deeper self.

Synopsis of Involution: The Integrated World of Consciousness.

This book is about extraordinary individuals, those geniuses you already know of, but their role is now recast. One at a time, but linked together, they have provided the bricks in the scientific edifice, the world view we have come to accept (and live in) without questioning. In that they have been perhaps not the masters , but the maverick emissaries of collective memory.

This journey, in the ancient traditions of Homer and Milton, traces the creation of the rosary of science, the  in’forming’ of matter, the enfolding of memory. The history of scientific understanding reflects the recovery of evolutionary memory, through the inspirations of genius. Man’s intellectual ‘objective’ science is a model of his memory but divorced from his consciousness and its web of connections: severs mind from matter, and science from God. 

This is a book about Everything that tells you Nothing that you don’t already know.

It just reminds you of what you have forgotten. I think you will feel yourself cleverer than you thought in reading it, and more unique afterwards than you were before. More responsible. More hopeful. Its also a lot of fun, for creation has a sense of humour, and creation is what this book is about.

Fun it may be but the science, though intuitive, is serious and the uneaten core of that apple is outlined here.

What others have said

‘A Daring Dantean feat...’ Alan Morrison. Editor The Recusant

Exile and Return
Exile and Return

… A controversial hair-and-eye-brow-raising subject…totally insightful. Getting close to science as well as to God at the same time, that’s no mean feat. Ervin Laszlo

The author’s grasp of the principal elements of Western culture is masterly and her poetic narrative woven together with extraordinary subtlety. David Lorimer, Director
Scientific and Medical Network

reflecting the act of genius’ Philip Franses Editor Holistic Science Journal.

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11 thoughts on “INVOLUTION- An Odyssey”

  1. Hi Philippa – wanted to let you know I’ve read Involution – it is so beautiful, so brilliant. I put a review on Amazon – my nickname there is HelenKid for reasons too long and boring to explain. Just wanted to also pop in here and say I’m just in awe of your work. It is, quite simply, amazing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This review has restored belief and clarified why I,the author, cannot face, or manage the need to describe a book addressed to the right brain by the exclusive use of the left that will be listening., questioning, comparing… Reading it usually works fine, talking about it doesn’t. So where does that leave marketing platforms, blogging, giving talks, about? About what? Nobody has understood the intentions of this work better or put them more clearly…So a thousand thanks.


  3. Philippa, I truly adore your writing. You have such a magnificent gift for telling a tale and spinning words into edible morsels I cannot stop from consuming. Pure delish.
    I would fall in love with the cowshed. I vote the BBC makes it into a series.


    1. Not sure why you leave your tracks on this page, since I suggested you sample the latest on ‘Careless Talk’ (costs lives omitted- but it sure has) But you have clearly been in my cowshed for which I am truly grateful. I think it deserves better than recent occupants Always pleased to welcome you- whose posts are equally delish!


  4. P.S. I think the BBC could use the script too! They are re-making ‘Civilization’ and I could suggest the script with a collage of cultural and musical accompaniment! Cheap to make and all on digital?


  5. Hello Dear Philippa, I was prompted to revisit your book on my return on Monday from a four day programme with Iain McGilchrist. There is a true alignment in my experience of reading your work and his.

    I then recalled your reaction to his not reading your manuscript, and the manner of his doing so …

    Two observations: he certainly does read and has a deep love of poetry (and has an incredible amount memorised in every sense of the phrase “by heart”), bearing in mind that he started off as a literary Fellow of All Souls, his first book being “Against Criticism” which accounts for his turning away from literary criticism and retraining in medicine. Second, I saw him being monstrously assailed from all sides by people wanting a piece of him, while also needing time to think, travel, lecture and read (and recall) massive amounts of the literature pertaining to his onward crusade; his time is compressed. I find him to be a remarkably lovely human being too. …. (Have I become yet another groupie?!)

    All of which does not, of course, excuse your experience, which disappoints me too. With love from Ruthxx


    1. Really good to meet again! And to find you here. Re McG, one can readily forgive those without time to fulfil promises, not so easy when hard copy is requested, costs many trees and many pounds and is not only not acknowledged but not returned either! Especially from one who even you suppose might have been a literary soul mate!

      I have had some fun with such episodes throughout the ‘career’ of Involution. Did you ever read The Trial of the Book? If not you can find the first episode here They succeed one another ( with a few interruptions) for about 6/7 sessions. One must use what lies to hand creatively I think?!


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