Deepening and Widening the Evidence

Soul urges Reason to be specific and both deepen the detail  and widen the references.

You are being parochial, talk about spaceTrannosaurus right colours,
Widen the reference…
Ethnocentric is so old hat.
You seem to be forgetting that
Bacteria still refract
In clouds of interstellar gas…
Survive volcanic chimney stacks,
Boil in plasma, and took on
Tyrannosaurus- no more of Rex-
At a meteoric stroke.
If you doubt this cogent fact
Go seek the signed iridium.

From the new conserving laws that prevailed once the cell was enclosed and nucleated…

Conscript minions were enslaved
Under head chef, mitochondrion, 
To fetch and carry, tend to alchemy;
The garden of the streaming sun turned green
In the kitchens of the chloroplast

Reason moves on to the memory that permits birds to nest and migrate, and forms other relationships…

Some parasitic…Cuckoo threatening a warbler

The first cuckoo squatter that settled
In the nest of a dutiful bird,
(Completing the décor, out gathering moss)
The opportunist thug, outrageous…
Cuckoos now, with two note scissors, cut instead the ribbon of spring.

some complementary…

Identical doctors

Identical twins parted at birth,
Both choose aviation, or marry fat wives…
Meet for the first time in similar ties…
(Habits regarding trivial tastes
Too similar to be ruled by chance
Or obedient to parental choice) Identical girls
How both think, what games they play…
Of buoyant or murderous temperament?
Ballet dancers or banker’s clerks?
All set in the aspic of DNA.

But like the influence of Lamarck, habitual ways of thinking limit the vision that these things suggest.

The intellect is just as bound
A slave to all its history…
Incarceration in the skull,
Poor Yorick, we do not know him well.

(So now we are sail set and no turning back…)


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