Embarkation: Reason and Soul start packing

Canto the First.

Does Messiah part the clouds when man his origin forgets?
In another epicycle, another set of clothes,
To speak as is appropriate in the play upon the page?
Rather as a comet comes, in periodic phase?

Reason justifies embarking upon this journey by outlining an intention to follow all those others who have attempted it, the Messiahs, and the Poets. Soul questions this detour’s relevance but in the end is quelled by Reason’s dogged persistence, when Homer, Milton and Goethe are all summoned to support the belief that man’s nobility and idealism has led creation’s adventure. It is not a closed ‘club’, anyone can join.

Womankind lies at the root of this nobility and the journey is worth making for its own sake.

(any more?)

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