Strangling Poetic Liberty

Reason now apologises for the constraints upon poetic liberty:-

I know the true poet finds his words
In charcoal dreams, a soft-shuffle roundelay
That emanates from reflections in pools of solitude…

Alberto de Lacerda. Portuguese poet; Drank with Thomas, dined with Eliot
Alberto de Lacerda. Portuguese poet; Drank with Thomas, dined with Eliot

To offer the liberty to linger on the grass
Where clouds above scud images into personal tastes,
Tonguing newly minted thoughts, striped zebra sharp
With wintergreen, storm liquorice, or dripping caramel.

But Virgil comes to the rescue through his husbandry of bees and the method known to an Arcadian bee-master of nurturing a new hive in the blood of a battered and slaughtered calf. Bees are the collective image of self sacrifice for the greater good of all. So poetry must surrender to argument. Soul mocks Reason’s diversion by suggesting that the waggle-tail dance by which bees communicate was little more than enough trial and error over enough time. Reason recognises the satirical voice of the Authority, the academic Professor…

The man who fashioned from a parchment (curlicue embossed
With a laudatum in Latin outlining his skill…)
A club of stone to beat out brains
Harbouring the virus of illogical belief?

(Such as?)


2 thoughts on “Strangling Poetic Liberty”

  1. I had to think about this for a while. This is a good thing to do and this work inspires thinking deeply. But yes, Professors with their clubs of stony beliefs with which they beat those of us with mystical notions into silence…I love the image.


  2. It is not far from the truth! I wrote to one recently and mentioned that when ‘Involution’ was first written it it was at a time of ‘strident Darwinism’. He wrote back saying that my phrase was a ‘cheap shot’. In other words without the qualifications one neither holds an opinion or expresses one! It was not Darwin I was referring to, but the rigidity of his followers ( and promptly he identified himself as one!) This book will have an uphill climb if that was the start. So thanks for encouragement.


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