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Blurb:-   INVOLUTION- An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God

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Publication Date: Sept 26th 2013Back cover
List Price: £17.99
ISBN: 978-0-9575002-0-4
Specs: trade paper, 448 pp
Publisher: CollaborArtBooks
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Coming Full Circle – Mavericks and Inspiration.Two companions, Reason and Soul, embark upon a light-hearted poetic journey through creation’s evolution, and its legacy: memory. Memory’s recovery is traced through the intuitions of scientific genius: from pre-Socratic Greece, through the epochs of Western thought to the dissolution of Modernism, where mind and matter re-approach their recovered and essential unity. Adding involution to evolution is adding yeast to flour; it bakes a lighter loaf. Saints and scientists break the same bread.  What is revealed is a science beyond, one that honours its prophets and restores Man to his origins, his deeper self.

PRAISE FOR INVOLUTION- An Odyssey ‘A brilliant and profoundly erudite epic charting the evolution of Western thinking processes, probing the frontiers of rationality and naturalism,and opening up a deeper understanding of the nature of reality based on the reality of mystical experience.
The author’s grasp of the principal elements of Western culture is masterly and her poetic narrative woven together with extraordinary subtlety. The detailed footnotes demonstrate a rare depth of perceptive scholarship. This is nothing short of a heroic intellectual tour de force and deserves the widest readership’
(David Lorimer. Director of the Scientific and Medical. Network)

Science from a new slant
Science from a new slant


THE AUTHOR (Shooting for the pot)

Philippa’s many lives have all the elements of fantasy fiction. Born in South Africa she experienced the wildest parts of rural Africa on safari, when she was not imprisoned in  boarding schools. These solitary extremes perhaps contributed to the need to reconcile the influences of two worlds, African liberty and European culture, leading ultimately to this frivolously cerebral work. Related to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, it is  hardly surprising that she should arrive at a poetic narrative to achieve her reconciliation between science and religion, matter and mind.

After sampling medicine, architecture, classics and fine art she ultimately achieved degrees in Zoology and Psychology. She has lived on desert islands in the Indian Ocean, fishing for supper; lectured to mature university students on the science of this book; designed buildings, single handedly built an arts-centre and concert hall, and raised four daughters. She lives in Somerset.

She has published a novella about the sixties ‘A Shadow in Yucatan’ and has a novel and a collection of short stories in the pipe-line.

She lives in Somerset with an old collie and a long-suffering husband.

Facebook:  Philippa Rees Author

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