Involution’s Essence. The Uneaten Core. (Only Consciousness)

What is the book about? (A Vision to Challenge Darwinian Randomness and Competition) Memory Creating and Integrating towards Unification.

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This epic charts the history of scientific thought to offer a complementary and challenging vision of evolution. Involution— the in’forming’ by memory of the structure of matter— and by co-creating the material forms, integrating a ‘unified intelligence’, akin to a bio-computer pervading throughout. Diversity (and convergence) were consensual, not merely or even dominantly competitive. This book proposes that the history of scientific thought was the incremental recovery of memory (through the inspirations of genius) and uses the evidence of science’s chronology itself to tilt at the insufficiency of the scientific viewpoint.

How is the tale told? ( An Odyssey through Individuals- called Genius.)

By retaking the story of human understanding, from the unified theories of pre-Socratic Greece, through the Dark Ages, the Renaissance and Enlightenment to Modernism it tracks the continuous thread of what science has ignored, its own inspired and maverick origins. It moves from the unified field origins of the universe through the divergence of forms, to the single Man, who re-spirals and retraces this journey in reverse. The early fields of pre-Socratic integrated understanding (Parmenides, Empedocles, Pythagoras Heraclitus) splits after Plato and Aristotle and then diverges through the scientific disciplines until, from Einstein, Schrodinger and now Laszlo, Man returns to the unified field theories of QM and relativity, the last remaining division.

That division is the product of the process of science, to divorce its intellect from the unified bio-computer (consciousness) in which intellect is, in fact, embedded: and to which it is occasionally susceptible. Poets mystics (and genius) have provided ample evidence.

The reliance on inspiration, subjective, single, unrepeatable, and individual defies everything science claims to be about. Yet it drew its sustenance and direction from such moments and such individuals. This is a book about unique contemplative people, not just an idea.

It weaves its spiral like a single DNA molecule through memory, the record of evolving consciousness. The two companions who narrate and argue are Reason (who holds up the catalogue of scientists and their ideas, left brain and uni-directional ) and  Soul (who signals the multi-dimensional inspirations of art and music). Together they trace the episodes of genius and embrace in those moments when memory informed the journey of memory’s recovery.The Odyssey of Mankind is back towards Eden- holistic spirituality.

Why is it important to read it? (Why science is on the cusp of change)

It is, the book maintains, the recovery of memory that has inspired the model science has built of evolution, the collective intellect or what Teilhard de Chardin called the Noosphere.  In the process, science has ignored the severing of man’s mind, epitomized by the two hemispheres of his brain and permitted the dominance of the left, when it was the right that truly guided it. Mind and matter are perceived as distinct through this artificial separation of intellect from consciousness. All is consciousness, the field where DNA shapes and is shaped by electromagnetism in its varying forms, and the deeper Akashic Field, the ‘ether’ record of space-time, in which nothing is lost.

Science still perceives that field as external and searches for deficient matter, and the origins of consciousness; proposing un-testable string theories, antimatter and anti-gravity, when the deficiencies themselves are possibly created by science’s collective blindness. Creation’s reality is consensual, and the error ( and limitations) lie in consensual perception. The world we have, we have created ( subject to laws and the consent of the whole). Having exhausted the external materialism of intellect where the cupboard is now almost bare, science stands on the cusp of change, and must dive into consciousness that connects. Involution explains how this occurred and why all will now change. Consciousness is all there is: to some it appears solid, to others illusory and to some non existent. Relativity extends throughout perception: degrees of spiritual perception. The mirror reflects back what looks into it.

This is a bold ( many would say foolhardy) hypothesis but only because new to science, the perennial philosophy is the oldest story of all. Man’s return to Eden through the Exile caused by knowledge was always foretold. Rather than the ‘dictator’ of evolutionary change by error and slow increments, DNA is the resonant collaborator conserving it all yet changing constantly, communicating incessantly. Brain is not the emitter, but the receiver of this field of information. Sometimes.

 Why Symphonic Prose? ( A musical language for a harmonious truth.)

Perhaps the use of ancient rhythmical language is itself an indication that recovery has reached its origins and may now be the language an integrated vision requires. Science has involuted back to metaphysics, consciousness to poetry. If we look at evolution through the lens of science and the logic of prose, encumbered by necessary facts, we are limited to only the external half that intellect permits. Science is the spectrum of understanding chosen because it is well known and provides a sturdy ladder, but only to afford a greater height  for the vision of a science behind science (The Cathedral behind the Scaffolding). By looking at memory through the multi-layered evocation of symphonic prose we find, as readers, what we already know. It is gratifying to keep company with poets and find the familiar.  This odyssey is to the depth of ourselves.

The Author might show you the scars

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