DNA and Continuous Creation

A most exciting set of 4 videos ( only 6-8 mins each) were today posted on Margos Blog

They substantiate the entire underlying hypothesis of Involution, in explaining the non-local ( everywhere at once) communication across the electro-magnetic field modified by DNA. This is the central hypothesis on which the theory of Involution intuited 45 years ago was based, and makes it both accessible and understandable by anyone.

They are clear, visually assisted and so exciting! Please watch, not for me, or my book, but for yourself. Everyone should understand.

Other videos are posted on the maker’s YouTube Account (sacredsarrah) and here is a link to the first of these.

Author: philipparees

A writer ( mostly narrative poetry) of fiction and non-fiction. Self publisher of fiction and Involution-An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God (Runner-up Book of the Year (2013), One time builder ( Arts centre) Mother of four daughters: Companion of old man and old dog: One time gardener, lecturer, wannabe cellist, mostly enquirer of 'what's it all about', blogger and things as yet undiscovered.

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