The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins!

Well worth watching, if only for an understanding of the precession of the Equinoxes and how they relate to the Astrological Ages and influence the parallels in Religious Doctrines. This could not be clearer, though for the Egyptian Horus parallels one must take the sources on trust. Quite a corroboration of Involution, what this reveals, and why now!

The last few minutes should have been better omitted, the power of the incremental transformation of Sun worship, and the relationship of the Sun/Son to the Zodiacal Calendar, was quite powerful enough. Propaganda always over simplifies what had been already simply presented but with profound ‘strike-home’ inescapability! Do watch!


Every little helps!

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Interesting video to watch that will give those who are very religious something to think about! Or should I say re-think about? It will definitely make you shuffle the circuits in your brain around! We are living in the age of information and all esoteric knowledge is now being revealed. So here you have some of it.
I’ve been very busy writing my book on The Illumined Heart and Mind the past months so I haven’t spent much time on surfing and looking for interesting educational mind opening news! Sorry! I plan to have my book available for sale by the end of this month!

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