4 Bloggers Have A Conversation About The Book World

This summary which Alexander Zoltai pulled together from four different posts (in different places) might now reach and comfort others.

Notes from An Alien

Back on the 19th of January, I had an interview with author Philippa A. Rees.

Four Blogs Have A Conversation about the Book World Image Courtesy of Michal Zacharzewski ~ http://www.freeimages.com/profile/mzacha

Today, in her post, The Egotism of Expertise- Interior Conformity, she said:

“A few recent posts have been devoted to a collective wail about the impossibility of non-genre books ever being discovered in the goose step parade of all the others who polish their boots and take steps in synchrony with guidelines and expectations.”

But the story of this conversation goes back to January 5th on Vivienne Tuffnell’s blog, Zen and The Art of Tightrope Walking, and the post, The Loss of Joy. Here are a few brief excerpts:

“Did blogging drive away my joy in writing?”

“No, I think it started to go around the same time I began to explore the possibility of publishing.”

Then, she speaks of being “…drained by the demands from all…

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Author: philipparees

A writer ( mostly narrative poetry) of fiction and non-fiction. Self publisher of fiction and Involution-An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God (Runner-up Book of the Year (2013), One time builder ( Arts centre) Mother of four daughters: Companion of old man and old dog: One time gardener, lecturer, wannabe cellist, mostly enquirer of 'what's it all about', blogger and things as yet undiscovered.

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      1. Well, then, I can offer some hope—My posts garner more views from Google Search then from the followers I have—for instance, my top five posts for 2014 were all published before 2014 🙂


  1. Thank you for telling me that(about Google search) It might keep me going a little longer! BTW I found a nice picture and extract from you while searching in a remote on line village! But don’t ask me to remember where!


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