Author Interview

By the Fireside-the interview: Richard Tomlinson interviews Philippa for Somerset Radio Broadcast.

Pull up a Chair
Pull up a Chair…most of the thinking happened here.

The apparent insanity of an odyssey to traverse the chronology of science. The reasons for choosing a symphonic prose narrative…a deeper sanity?

Philippa explains the Inspiration and its demands- a gift with a lifelong liability in the in depth SkyBlue Interviews that can be heard here.

7 thoughts on “Author Interview”

  1. Philippa, this was a wondrous interview–and by wondrous I mean I was left, as usual, filled with deep admiration for the magnitude of your talents. I would give my left lung to have even a fraction of your ability to beautifully and artfully weave thought and mastery of words straight through to my tongue as you do.
    I find your conversation one that I will happily devour a second time. You provided so much to chew on–your thoughts so rich and dense–I fear missing out on many pearls simply because I was caught up in the cunning execution.
    And as an aside, I find many of your words also remind me of Eckart Tolle’s. Oh, to have the bountiful body of thought power you possess.
    Hearing you speak was a truly lovely experience.


    1. Shelley, you have been missed! I am not sure I replied to this wonderful comment, and since they are rare I don’t understand it. But all the better for a late discovery. I now see it was a re-discovery. Just shows how rare such comments are! A very happy Christmas since I cannot comment on your firmly closed to comments site.


      1. Many thanks, Phillippa! Buried deep within the writing currently, and I so miss all my blogging buddies too. I wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year too! Cheers!


  2. Shelley, thank you. If I knew you were coming I’d have had a single malt at the ready! It is an impossible book to defend or explain. Richard was a sympathetic interviewer and cameraman. As you can see very few have found their way here, so I really grateful to you.


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