CollaborArt Books

Travelling Hopefully...
Travelling Hopefully…

CollaborArt Books.

Why would any author undertake the very lonely road of not only self publishing but turning publisher? In a word: reluctantly.

CollaborArt Books is a new publisher. Very new. Its necessity was occasioned by reaching the end of the options for self publishing through an assisted company. Cue in ‘many sighs and many sleepless nights…’

Some would produce adequate POD books providing that the formatting , design, cover files were in line with their requirements. So much of the work of the publisher anyway.

Some would do that for you, with questionable attention to detail, and a pretty high price.

Some offered basic marketing (putting your book on a list) provided you used their ISBN, printed 500 copies and paid them fairly heftily to store them.

None were going to take the pig to market.

Now if you have a pig of a book to market, it better be well fattened, clean as attention to ears and trotters can make it, not a lean member of the mud splattered herd.

So CollaborArt is born. Its name is derived from a previous failure, the hope that where  buildings, concert halls, accommodation and lots of wine and marvellous music were offered people would come, to collaborate across all the fields of art, to engage with one another to produce something entirely new. Instead they preferred en suite bathrooms and more of what they already knew; so they trickled and then died. So CollaborArt is the rescue of hope.

Involution-An Odyssey is its first babe, a poetic journey through the history of science, music and painting. Its declaration is clear: CollaborArt will publish cross-bred genres, novellas (novels that are too short) and short stories (that are too long). To those will be added novels that are memoirs, and poems that narrate stories. None will find a Dewey Index number or a shelf with sisters.

All pigs to market.

Better just get on with it.

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