The Wisdom of My Future Self

Tracking Wonder’s Dr.Tina Selig gives the new nudge. I could not begin to address this until I had absorbed last week’s bucketing ride. Still kicked by a mule and reeling but look ma, I’m ready. A bit out of breath!

Your Quest2016 Prompt today:

What advice would your future self a year from now give you today? #FutureSelf

Olderwiser ‘I wondered if you’d show up’
Plumscared  ‘I nearly didn’t. But fire away’
Olderwiser   ‘ You can choose what has been chosen, or run’
Plumscared   ‘What’s been chosen?’
Olderwiser   ‘ You want to lose yourself. You chose that years ago. Still                                   haven’t obeyed it. It’s getting rather impatient.’
Plumscared  ‘That’s certainly true. I was busy.’
Olderwiser   ‘Creative work is the only way. Thinking ‘about’ won’t do it.                              Thinking ‘of’ might.’
Plumscared  ‘But which work? So many options?’
Olderwiser  ‘You have done duty. What’s wrong with pleasurable work? It                            will pleasure you, and may pleasure others’
Plumscared. ‘ I have an idea…’
Olderwiser  ‘ I’d start there, and without delay. Time is not on your side,                              but I may be able to to do something about that. Leave time to me.’
Plumscared  ‘Ta’
Olderwiser   ‘No worries?’
Plumscared. ‘Deal’.