The Two Second OXO (I’d rather serve you soup)



If you are in a hurry and prefer an OXO cube to rich broth, and facts rather than experience, slowly digested, I will oblige… to explain a book about EVERYTHING (that has taken my whole life)

Dry concentrate
Dry concentrate

This poetic odyssey under the stewardship of Reason and Soul re-takes the scientific journey through time to discover that Darwin missed a good bit… below bite into dry essence   OR

Return here for heartier broth and let’s talk

This was not meant to be a theory but an adventure…if you prefer others to travel for you here (in approved bullet point manner) are some kernels to be found…


  • Consciousness is gradually enfolded in matter; more and more yeast in flour, more instrumental in acceleration.
  • Spontaneous action ( and discrimination) taking the reins of progress and advance…
  • Leading to accelerating complexity and convergence to Man.
  • Man’s memory (encoded in DNA) containing the evolutionary experience.
  • The chronology of science moving backwards in time to recover the encoded memory: Man’s journey through all of creation from himself back to Himself.(Time Reversal: Future Causality Symmetry, Synchronicity.)
  • The great syntheses of understanding were through the inspirations of genius, the unorthodox scientific mavericks. Matched by the same in art and music. All are merely languages of something deeper than any one of them—Man’s journey through his memory. You see, this is not a book about science really…it’s just there to construct a ladder. (Considered dependable, and able to take weight)
  • Incrementally, science transfers man’s memory to his intellect and builds a model of his (and Creation’s) past experiences. He ‘knows’ because he ‘knew’ (and has forgotten).
  • Tools are the ‘bones of evidence’, moving from man’s immediate needs in the context of survival, flints, axes, the wheel, clocks and astrolabes through the divisions of the disciplines, microscopes, telescopes, thermometers and back to his recovery of all, the scanners, computers and the internet as man recovers all of himself.
  • This transfer from consciousness to intellect creates the great ‘divide’ between mind and matter, science and religion, Man and the ‘external, material Creation. The madness in the method.

I think that will do for a condensation. But it does not begin to do justice to the book. Which is much more fun, more diverse, more headstrong. It takes the wind, not the creaking wheel.

If you really want to taste what goes into this book, I’ll serve you a long brewed broth with good things in it.

If you’d rather try ‘love’, ask Archimedes and listen to his answer here:
 Press Arrow Above for a Reading from the ‘hinge’ of the book: An Interlude.


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